Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MB7: Bring Back Killer Krag

The Brave & The Bold #119 (June 1975)
cover: Jim Aparo
title: "Bring Back Killer Krag"
writer: Bob Haney
artist & letterer: Jim Aparo
editor: Murray Boltinoff 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

JL #43 "Luck Of The Draw!" Afterward

So, what did you think?

JL #43 "Luck Of The Draw!"

Special Guest Zatanna joins the JLA to battle The Royal Flush Gang!!

Variant Cover (1) by the great Bill Walko---! 

Variant Cover (2) by my buddy Tim Wallace!! 
I love 'em both!! 

To Read the Story.....Read More Below! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

JL #43 "Luck Of The Draw!" Forward

This issue was a long time in coming. I took a little longer to write it, and a little longer to draw it, than I had originally anticipated. Plus it started later than it was scheduled to because the previous issue ran late.

But here it is, with a fantastic commissioned cover by the great Bill Walko! I went to his site and asked him about the possibility of him doing a Zatanna & RFG illustration. I told him my original idea was of Z standing on stage with a type of "Pick a card" pose, with all of the cards being of the RFG. He came back with an initial version of the final piece. I couldn't be happier. By all means, if you want something with a "fun" feeling, check out his page and ask him to do something for you!

Meanwhile, I had discussed the story with my cyber pal Tim Wallace. He, too, loves Zatanna. So I asked him to draw something for me, if he was interested. Last week, as I was finishing the last pages of the colors, he sent me this.

I love it! So now I have two variant covers to go with my homage to Mike Sekowsky & Murphy Anderson's original cover to JLA #43. I really do love what I'm doing! Hope you enjoy it, too!

The story will go live tomorrow! See you then!