Wednesday, December 21, 2016

JL #45 "Toyman's WAR on Christmas" Afterwards

So....what did you think?

First off I want to thank my cyber friends Tim Wallace and Ashton Burge with giving me two great "variant" covers this time out. Thanks guys, they look great!!

As for my cover, a tip of the hat to Ramona Fradon and Bob Smith, who provided the source for me on Super Friends #24. I originally played with the idea of having a smiling Toyman on a videoscreen ala the Wonder Twins, but I kinda like how the caroling mannequins turned out.

In case you haven't read the story yet, let's continue this discussion WITH SPOILERS after the jump.

JL #45 "The Toyman's WAR on Christmas!"

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes battle 
the murderous, diabolical Toyman! 
Cover-A by Tim Wallace
Cover-B by Ashton Burge

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

MB #13: Batman Family #11

Batman Family #11 (May-June 1977)
cover: Jim Aparo
title: "Man-Bat Over Manhattan!"
writer: Bob Rozakis
penciller: Marshall Rogers
inker: Tex Blaisdell
colorist: Jerry Serpe
editor: Julius Schwartz