Friday, January 27, 2017

BLB: Aquaman

Here is another in my ongoing series of reviews on the 1968 Big Little Book series. You can find others by clicking on "BLB" at the bottom of this post.

This time, to help celebrate Aquaman's "birthday" on January 29 I want to talk about one of my favorite BLBs, Aquaman in Scourge of the Sea, written by Paul S. Newman and published in 1968. It is number 17 in the 1968 Big Little Book series. It follows Space Ghost but is before Daktari. Does anybody here even know and/or remember Daktari?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MB14: Batman Family #12

Batman Family #12 (July 1977)
cover: Jim Aparo (signed)
title: "Dread Night of the Jaguar!"
writer: Bob Rozakis
penciller: Marshall Rogers
inker: Terry Austin
colorist: Jerry Serpe
editor: Julius Schwartz