Wednesday, September 19, 2018

MB34: DC Comics Presents #50

DC Comics Presents #50 (October 1982)
cover: Rich Buckler & Frank Giacoia (signed)
poster artist: Alex Saviuk & Frank Giacoia (signed)
colorist: Gene D'Angelo? 
editor: Julius Schwartz 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

JL#47: "Night of the Living Dead!"

The Justice Society of America Guest-Stars
Featuing An All-Star Line-Up of Guest Artists 

Note: the only thing you need to know before reading this story is that it is set in the "Multiverse" Satellite Era of the JLA. John Stewart is the main Green Lantern on Earth; Hal Jordan is HIS back-up. Also, Martian Manhunter never went back to Mars, but the Atom quit to move to Brazil.

 Main Cover by Chris Franklin

Variant Cover by Luke Daab 
(available at Daab Creative, check it out!)