Monday, March 10, 2014

JL #33 "MORE Deadly Dreams of Dr. Destiny!" Forward

Well here we are about to get into my 33rd JUSTICE LEAGUE adventure. Ready?

This time our heroes find themselves up against one of their greatest foes, Dr. Destiny. For those of you who don't know, he is the bad guy created by Gardner Fox waaaay back in JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA #5 (June 1961) whose schtick is to manipulate the heroes' dreams. I had him appear once in my series already, in the not-very-good JL 15-16 (click on the hyper link on the right if you want to read that adventure before you get into this one). This time, I wanted to have him show us, the world, and the heroes themselves the *need* for the Justice League. So I tried for something very dramatic and exciting. We'll see if I succeeded.

As you read this story it might interest you to know that I was originally going to use this story as the first "comeback" issue of my run. In fact, the first chapter with The Flash, Batman, and Aquaman were the first pages I ever drew in this "return." However, I didn't like the results, and I didn't like the way this story features all sorts of guest-stars (you'll see). So in the end I re-draw that chapter and decided to lead with the more straight-forward Queen Bee story from last issue.

There's not too much else I can say about this story without spoilers, so come back in about two weeks and we can talk about what worked and what didn't....

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