Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1967 TV--- 50 Years Later

Was 1967 the greatest year in US television history?

Well, I guess that depends on what the criteria is for quality. There weren't a whole lot of lead women on TV yet (but it was getting better). THAT GIRL, for example, was on its second year. There weren't a whole lot of minority characters, either, but the ones that *were* there were not maids, such as Uhura on STAR TREK or Barney on MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE. So things were getting better.

I'm sure arguments could be made for more overall quality in different years, but just take a look at the shows that were on the air as of September 1967. See for yourself how many of these shows have stood the test of time and are still beloved, 50 years later!

If you haven't seen any (or most?) of these shows, check them out at your local library. The majority of them are available on DVD now. Or if you have cable search for them on Classic TV stations. Most of these are in perpetual syndication!

Those nights that featured no memorable hit shows are skipped.

Sundays on ABC: 
The last season for Irwin Allen's first hit series starring Richard Basehart

 Sundays on CBS: 
Lassie,  in her 14th season! 

Ed Sullivan, in his 20th season! 

Those upstart comedians, the Smothers Brothers, who actually matched up 
against Bonanza! 

 Peter Graves joined the cast of Mission: Impossible in 1967 and became 
"the face" of the series! 

 Sundays on NBC: 
Bonanza was still strong in its 9th season

Mondays on ABC:
 The only hit that ABC had on Mondays was The Big Valley 
with Barbara Stanwyck and young Linda Evans and Lee Majors

Mondays on CBS: 
Gunsmoke was on its 13th season. It would go on 7 more years. 

 The Lucy Show would end this year, and then be replaced by Here's Lucy in 1968.

 The Andy Griffith Show would end in 1968 and be replaced by Mayberry RFD. 

Family Affair was in its 2nd season.  

The Carol Burnett Show made its debut with Lyle Waggoner, Vicki Lawrence, 
and Harvey Korman (L-R) as her supporting cast

Mondays on NBC: 
 The Monkees were cancelled after this, their second season. 

The Man from UNCLE was once one of the most popular series, 
but was cancelled this year, their 4th

I-Spy, boasting one of the first bi-racial casts, ended this year. 
That's a very young Bill Cosby with Robert Culp

Tuesdays on CBS: 
The Red Skelton Show was still a juggernaut in his 17th year

Tuesdays on NBC:
I Dream of Jeannie was in its 3rd year

Wednesdays on ABC: 
UK import The Avengers was in its 3rd year, 
Diana Rigg's last

Wednesdays on CBS: 
 Lost in Space got new music and new uniforms, 
but still couldn't find viewers

 The Beverly Hillbillies was enjoying its 5th year

Green Acres was on its 3rd year

Thursdays on ABC: 
 Even with the inclusion of Batgirl, 
the ratings were the real death trap for Batman

 Sally Fields returned to TV as The Flying Nun

 Bewitched was ABC's biggest hit during the Sixties. 
1967 was its 4th season. 

Marlo Thomas was an independent career woman. 
She was enjoying her 2nd year. 

Thursdays on NBC:
 Daniel Boone was a man...was a big man! 
Big enough to knock down Batman during his 4th year!

 Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) in a wheelchair made his debut this year. 

Jack Webb and Harry Morgan dealt with "just the facts" during their 2nd season.  

Dean Martin and his Gold-Diggers were in their 3rd season

Fridays on CBS: 
 Robert Conrad and Ross Martin in one of my father's favorite shows. 
1967 was its 3rd year. 

Gomer Pyle was on its 4th year, a comedy about the Marine Corps 
in the middle of the Viet Nam War? Weird. 

Fridays on NBC:
Ron Ely as TARZAN. 
He got clobbered in his 2nd year by the Wild Wild West. 

Many people say that the 2nd year of Star Trek was its best. 

Saturdays on ABC:
The Dating Game
The Newlywed Game
 Yes, Lawrence Welk was once a national TV star. 
1967 was his show's 13th year! 

Saturdays on CBS: 
 My Three Sons was on its 8th year. 

 Is it just me, or is it something odd about the comedy Hogan's Heroes being 
sandwiched between My Three Sons and Petticoat Junction? 
This was its 3rd season. 

Petticoat Junction in its 5th year
I'm not a fan of this show, so I'm not sure if this is an accurate cast from 1967 or not. 
Three different actresses portrayed Billie Jo, after all! 

Mike Connors as Joe Mannix made his debut in 1967. 
Emmy-award winning actress Gail Fisher joined the cast in 1968. 

Saturdays on NBC:
Get Smart in its 3rd year was the best of the spy spoofs 
From the wacky minds of Buck Henry and Mel Brooks

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