Monday, September 4, 2023

JUSTICE LEAGUE 54: Bring On the Bad Guys QUIZ!

I bragged that this issue would feature 25 (count 'em 25!) bad guys. I managed to pull it off, but to tell you the truth, trying to choreograph all these characters was a bigger hassle than I anticipated! LOL! Who was next to who in that scene? Where did what's his name go? Did I include that guy yet? Unlike film, I had to remember to DRAW them all in the same place. It was a major problem! 

Anyway, I did manage to include 25 characters, plus five more just for good measure. But how many do YOU recognize? Let's see! 

I'll show you a pic of each character I featured, and you just need to identify him/her and his/her main enemy. Of course, I will give you the "main" bad guys who had action and who were called out by name. There were seven of them: 

1. The Tattooed Man (Green Lantern)

2. The Human Flying Fish (Aquaman)

3. Mr. IQ (Hawkman)

4. The Angle Man (left) and 5. Golden Glider

6. Amos Fortune

and 7. Killer Moth (Batman)

That leaves the unnamed Bad Guys. 
And while I didn't actually count the Bad Guys that the JLAers are disguised as, 
do YOU know who they are? We'll start with them, Bad Guys #s 8-12. 

The outside guard is Bad Guy #13. 

Blink and you'll miss 'em Crowd Guys #s 14-16.

Pirate #1 is Bad Guy #17

Fortune's Bodyguard #1 is Bad Guy #18

Fortune's Bodyguard #2 is Bad Guy #19

I'm guessing most of you know this guy #20

This Flash target is Bad Guy #21

This annoying guy is Bad Guy #22

This is the best pic of Bad Guy #23, on the right.
He's also on the cover. 

Killer Moth's boyfriend is Bad Guy #24

This obscure guy is Bad Guy #25

This musician is Bad Guy #26

This One-Hit Wonder is Bad Guy #27

This next One-Hit Wonder is BG #28

And THIS One-Hit Wonder is BG #29

Believe it or not, this obscure Bad Guy #30 is NOT a one-hit wonder!

Got 'em? If you want to check your answers, see below. 

1. The Tattooed Man (Green Lantern)
2. The Human Flying Fish
3. Mr. IQ
4. The Angle Man
5. Golden Glider
6. Killer Moth
7. Amos Fortune

8. Reverse Flash
9. The Mask (Golden Age Wonder Woman foe)
10. The Scavenger (Aquaman)
Ralph Dibny as Killer Moth
11. Cat Man (Batman)
12. Rainbow Raider (the Flash)

13. Slip Knot (Firestorm foe)

14. The Clock King (Green Arrow),
15. Clue Master (Batman), 
and 16. Signal Man (Batman)

17. Captain Stingaree (Batman)

18. Spellbinder (Batman)

19. The Calculator (Batman)

20. The Fisherman (Aquaman)

21. The Trickster (The Flash)

22. Captain Boomerang (The Flash)

23. Sonar (Green Lantern)

24. The Cavalier (Batman)*

25. The Fade-Away Man (Hawkman)

26. The Pied Piper (The Flash)

27. Dagon (Aquaman)

28. Cutlass Charlie (Aquaman)

29. The Green Thumb (Super Friends)

30. The Overlord, another Super Friend foe....

....which is why Aquaman seems to recognize him! 

*Note on the Cavalier: Although he and Killer Moth were never a couple in-continuity, there were rumors and suggestions in fandom after their appearances together in the late '70s Batman Family book. I chose to embrace the rumor in order to add some tension to the JLA's disguises. Hope that didn't bother you die-hard Killer Moth and Cavalier fans! 

How many did you recognize? 
If you got more than half, you're as much a Bronze Age JLA fan as I am!! ;-) 

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  1. I go t more than half, but missed some obscure ones. It was good to see Elongated Man using his detective abilities again.

    And since when does Ralph have a pink patrol car. I like it. You should make it stretchable so it can bend when it goes around a corner.

    Also is Aquaman being vain when he blames Aqualad for having bad luck when it was clearly Arthur who fell on the jewels?

    So I didn't get Mr. IQ or the Mask (never heard of them), Slipknot, Captain Stingaree, Spellbinder, Fade-Away Man, Dagon, Cutlass Charlie (I should have gotten him), Green Thumb, Or Overlord (never heard of the last two either).

    Another fun story! Thanks, Russell!