Wednesday, August 31, 2011

JLA # 7 "The Retreat of the Time Lord!"

If you think it looks more like Godzilla than a Tyrannosaurus Rex, you're right. I just couldn't get the dinosaur to look right. There are a couple scenes with him (it?) that I liked, but in general I decided that drawing dinosaurs was not my forte. (I did think I did a pretty good job on the other dinosaurs you'll see, though).

Also, the cover ended up looking a bit different than the "Next Issue" preview where it was first shown. For one thing, I added Wonder Woman. I figured that if I used half of the heroes on part one, I'd use the other half on part two, but then only four characters looked a little bit too lonely. Now I think I should have kept her and Green Arrow off....

One last thing about the cover...I had a great image in my head about how I wanted it to look in color, but the logo colors didn't match, and by the time I had realized it it was too late unless I wanted to scrap the whole thing. I think the cover would have looked much nicer if the logo had been in, say, bright blue. Oh, well. I did like the green ground and the red skies.

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