Wednesday, November 19, 2014

JL #37 "Every Little Breeze...!" AFTERWARD

So, what did you think?

When my co-creator Rick Duncan sent me his script for this story, I immediately realized that it had been written with Bronze Age DC Comics in mind. The Hawks were archeologists working at Midway City Museum, for example, and Zatanna was a member...but so was Plastic Man!?

In general, however, we agreed that the story would fit into my universe pretty easily. Rick and I talked and he allowed me to "tweak" his story. I switched Plastic Man to Elongated Man, and I made Zatanna a guest-star. Luckily the story has her and The Flash attacked while they are making a celebrity appearance, so that lent itself to her being there with no real explanation required, anyway.

The original attack by Whisper on the Hawks was at the Midway Museum, but was a "flashback," as the story started in the JLA infirmary and the Hawks are telling the others about what happened. I decided to make the attack part of the story...atleast a little bit. And it made sense to me for Whisper to target the Hawks first because she knew they would be at their own Welcome Back parade. Likewise, she knew The Flash would be at the charity event. By the way, in Rick's original script Hawkman was the member attacked, not his wife. However, in "my" universe Hawkwoman joined the JLA first and has had more appearances. So I decided to give the spotlight to her husband (again). I'll feature Shayera more prominently next time, I promise.

In Rick's script Batman was much more of the "lead prosecutor" of the story. In my version of his story I split up Batman's lines and gave them to Red Tornado and Elongated Man. It was easy for me to imagine the walking encyclopedia that is Red Tornado spouting off about dengue fever.
There was a scene in Rick's script where Batman confronts Aquaman and Green Lantern about not participating because Whisper could possibly turn them into Kordax or Parallax. Rather than open either of those cans, I simply took those two members out. While I was at it, I took out Superman and Martian Manhunter, as I thought either of them could have defeated Whisper pretty quickly without letting the story unfold the way Rick wanted.

The first scene I adapted that I didn't particularly like was the scene change between the JLA in the satellite and The Flash at The Flash Museum. In Rick's story he had a line about the JLAers having to alert the absent members about the menace of Whisper. I don't know why I didn't keep that it is, it seems a bit odd how the JLA knows The Flash is in danger. Does Whisper send the SOS? Did one of the Flash Museum staff call the JLA? It's a little bit unclear, but I didn't realize it until the story was already done. Oops!

One scene that I altered from Rick's script that I did like was when Whisper attacks Red Tornado. Rick's original idea was to have Red Tornado literally explode, like the way he did in JLA #103 (and in my Justice League #22). However, I didn't really want to go into the problem of how the JLA would have to re-build I had him "feel" as if he was exploding. I thought that was clever, and the illustration shows what he thinks is happening...!

One thing I liked about what I did with Rick's script was the way I tried to make the JLAers "do" things while Green Arrow and Whisper were talking. In the infirmary check out Green Arrow, Black Canary, Elongated Man, and Batman and their body language. Likewise, during the time the JLA is trying to talk things out with Whisper, I tried to show them moving carefully closer to her.

One thing I realized after I had the entire story drawn and mostly colored: the inclusion of Red Tornado and Elongated Man in the epilogue means that they have held her prisoner for atleast an hour, because they are back to normal! The effects of her powers have worn off. If I had been thinking a bit more I probably would not have included Red or a stretching Ralph. Oops!  

I asked Rick about the "open" ending. He told me that he didn't have any particular idea in mind when he wrote it....but if enough of you write in and let us know that you want to know what happened with Whisper, I will see if I can get Rick to pen a sequel...! 

We hope you liked this collaborative effort between me and Rick Duncan. I enjoyed it so much that I have invited others to "play in my sandbox." Next issue is another team-up story... I am joined by incredibly talented Andy Kapellusch, as the Justice League is joined by....Green Lantern Hal Jordan!
Hope to see you there!

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