Tuesday, November 18, 2014

JL#37 "Every Little Breeze...!" FORWARD

This issue has a very special history. 

When I announced about a year ago that I was going to start doing "my" Justice League series again, my pal Rick Duncan sent me a script for a story he had called "Every Little Breeze." We had worked together on an Aquaman story before (you can find that here, "States Of Matter!") and he had liked how that story had turned out. He sent this script to me and asked if I could do something with it in "my" universe.  Rick had written this a few years before without paying much attention to the "current" JLA; he had included the "satellite-era" members, but also Plastic Man, for example.

I read it, I liked it, and I wanted to do it. However, there were a few specific problems I had to address. For one thing, Hawkman and Hawkwoman were lead characters, and they were not "back" in my universe yet. (And a quick check of the Roll Call (below) may give you a hint as to another member issue we had...!) After talking things over with Rick, I decided to keep the Hawks in the story. But that meant he had to wait for them to come back. So I decided to use his story the first time after the Hawks return. Which is one of the reasons why I have been "sitting" on this story for about a year. Sorry for the wait, Rick!!  

It'll finally be on-site tomorrow. Please let us know what you think! 

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