Wednesday, April 1, 2015

JL #39 featuring Firestorm and Typhoon!

I have been writing and drawing my own Justice League stories for several years. I set "my" universe squarely in the Satellite Era, circa Justice League of America #100. Since that time I have had the Elongated Man, Red Tornado, and Hawkwoman join (and The Atom quit in Martian Manhunter's place). Zatanna has not joined, so of course Firestorm has not joined, either. Oh, and in my universe Kathy Sutton is black.

The only thing you need to know to enjoy this story is that I have been teasing readers with promises of Firestorm for the last year or so. He was mentioned in a conversation between Red and Ralph a few issues ago, but this is his actual debut. That is why Red Tornado and Aquaman don't know who he is....yet.

I based my story off of the classic DC Comics Presents team-up by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN) but simplified it to fit into seven pages. Sorry if it seems rushed.

Almost immediately after I decided to do the Superman-Firestorm team-up, I also decided to team Aquaman with Red Tornado against the Firestorm villain Typhoon. A comment made by Rob Kelly and Shag Matthews on their Fire and Water podcast about this team fighting this villain made me decide to actually do it. (Oh, and give their podcast a listen. It's awesome fun.)

I hope you enjoy my take on these characters. If you like what you see, please read the earlier 30+ adventures, and let me know what you think!


  1. Fun stories! Love pitting Typhoon against Red Tornado and Aquaman! Great match-up with the wind and water combinations on both sides. The "get him some pants" line had me cracking up!

    Loved your adaptation of the DC Comics Presents story with Superman and Firestorm! "Superman?! Oh, crap" line! LOL! Having Stein working there was a nice way to abbreviate the story to a shorter length. However, I notice you skipped Superman inviting Firestorm into the JLA. Hmmm... interesting omission. :)

    Thanks for the shout-out! Love, love, love this entire project! Great job by all parties involved!


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Shag. I really enjoyed adapting this story into my universe.
      Don't worry....we'll see Firestorm again. Remember, Zatanna joins the JLA before Firestorm does. :-)