Monday, July 20, 2015

A Letter From The Editor

Hello, folks!
If you are one of my long-term readers, thank you! If you accidentally found this site for one reason or another, welcome! I hope you click on some icons there on the right and find things worth reading.

I am writing this because now that I have completed my latest Blog Challenge (reviewing all Academy Award winning Best Picture films) I have been thinking of what I want to do with this blog next.
After careful consideration I have decided. I want to try to re-commit to the original spirit of the blog: in other words, I want to write about various things I like (or don't like). Not just movies, but any and all the things I have listed on the right column.

Originally, I had the following loose "schedule":
Monday I write about music
Tuesday I write about TV
Wednesday I write about comics (because new comics are published on Wednesdays)
Thursday I write editorials or what-have-yous
Friday I write about films
The weekends were for special posts, or for taking time off.
I would try to write birthday greetings about all the pop culture figures I loved. And I would try to mark the passing for those celebrities who are no longer with us.

Due to the sheer effort required to watch and review so many movies, however, I let the other themes slide. So now I want to get back to them.

I am thinking seriously about doing a regular Monday Music column. More about that if and/or when I decide on the format.

I will be writing regular Tuesday TV series reviews. I have a few in mind and I just have to get to them and start on them.

I will be reviewing more Wednesday Comics. First of all, I intend to begin reviewing all of the appearances of one of my all-time favorite characters: Man-Bat! This will be my next "challenge!"

I will also be linking this blog to the comic-blog I am a part of, The Legion of Super-Bloggers (all about the comic-book series The Legion of Super-Heroes). And I will continue to update my home-grown Justice League comic-book series as I make them. The next issue, number 40, will be done in August.

Thursdays may be a little bit more problematic. This may be where I cover things like my Magnificent Seven (my "best seven" of various topics) or some of my Book End book reviews. We'll see.

And Film Friday isn't going away, but I think I'll give it a rest for a little while. After all, it's about 60 plus posts ahead of all of the other topics!

So when is all this excitement happening?
Well, I intend to write for the rest of the month, and will hopefully be ready for August 3 and then back on track after that. Hope to see you back then....and if there is ever anything you want me to write about, just let me know!

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