Friday, July 17, 2015

Academy Award Best Pictures The Lists

Now that I have watched all 87 Academy Award winning Best Pictures, it's time to wrap this series up with a few Best of The Best lists....!

In general, I found that I dislike more films from the Fifties. These films were either overtly EPIC but don't stand the test of time (The Greatest Show On Earth, Around The World In Eighty Days, Gigi, Ben-Hur) or were highly tense, personal dramas that do (Marty, The Bridge on the River Kwai). I think in general the best movies were from the Forties: of the ten from that decade, there are so many great films: Rebecca, Mrs. Miniver, Casablanca, The Best Years of Our Lives, Gentleman's Agreement, All The King's Men. In my opinion, no other decade has so many great Best Pictures.

The Best By Decade 
What's the best film of each ten year period? 
Here are my choices for the films that still 
have that certain SOMETHING

The 30s
Have to pick this, even though it's not my personal favorite.
It's definitely iconic.

The 40s
If you have not seen this you should. It's that good. 

The 50s
Fun story, great acting, an unforgettable Best
in a decade full of so-so films. 

The 60s
A lot of period dramas in the Sixties.
This one was the best and best acted. 

The 70s
This film started the whole "over-produced epic"
glut of the Seventies, but this one at least WAS epic. 

The 80s
A lot of good films this decade, but if you
haven't seen this, you should. 

The 90s
Definitely not my cup of tea, but it still packs an emotional punch. 

The 00s
Another hard choice, but overall the most
enjoyable of the ten films. 

The far! 
This could change, but so far this is heads above
the other Bests of 2010s....

And of course....
The Worst By Decade
I'd say most of these are here because they are so damn long.  

The 30s
Great....up until he leaves town again....
and comes back AGAIN!?! (sigh) 

The 40s
All Bing Crosby all the time...! 

The 50s
Hollywood vs. TV....and TV wins

The 60s
Not every musical number has to be EPIC

The 70s
WORST of the Seventies' "Angst Dramas"

The 80s
not a bad film, just not Great

The 90s
Someone please tell me why this movie won Best Picture

The 00s
"A near-pefect movie".....really? 

The far! 
I just don't get it. 

Besides the "worst" films mentioned above, 
here are ten more films that I wished I had never watched....!
Films To Watch Once, If Ever

Citizen Kane should have won instead

I love Shakespeare and I still found this dull dull dull

 Doesn't even compare to the Travel Channel 

How To Raise A Prostitute in 2 hours 

A comedy that is not at all funny 

Misogyny thy name is Lerner-Lowe!

We won the war, but we lost his story

 Another so-called comedy that is not at all funny
(Am I the only one who hates Woody Allen?)

Life is like a box of chocolates....
so give me the chocolates and keep this.  

 So let's talk about fiction versus reality,
in a story mostly made up.

And besides the "best" listed above, 
here are ten more films that I could watch over and over again...
and probably have!
Films To Watch Over and Over

Comedy and drama never looked this good. 

Standing up for what you believe in is easy
if you're Gregory Peck. 

I don't care what you haters say,
this is one of my favorite things

"They call me MISTER Tibbs!"
...even though Rod Steiger won the Oscar. 

I pick a different character to watch
each time I watch this. 

This helped make me the father I turned out to be

I lied, I don't watch this over and over.
It is actually painful to watch this. 

Possibly my all-time favorite Best Picture? 

Definitely not to everyone's taste,
the leads are riveting even when you know the ending. 

I find this whole thing just adorable as hell.
...and Richard Burbage!!! 

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