Monday, September 19, 2011

JLA # 8 "The Space Olympics" FORWARD

When I went to write this story in early 1992 quite a few things were going on. First of all, the first three stories of my "new and improved" Justice League had been successful and my students had asked for more. So I was enthusiastic about the work, which I think shows in the efforts here (and in next issue in particular). I also re-did the Member Profiles again. Japanese fiscal and educational years run from April to March of the following year, so the three issues I've already uploaded (5-7) were in the Fiscal Year 1991. Now we are in Fiscal Year 1992, and for that "new" year I decided to re-do the portraits. In some ways, these were my favorites.

Also, 1992 was an Olympic year: Winter in Albertville, France and Summer in Barcelona, Spain. I figured I would use that sports interest for my comics. Let me know if you think I did a good job or not.

Translation was still being handled by my good friend Mariko Tadokoro. I seem to recall she liked this story because it was more straight forward than the two previous "super villains" stories.

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