Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our First Game of the (Pre) Season CBJ vs. Washington Capitals

Tonight is the night!!! We've been saying for the past six months that we couldn't wait for the hockey season to start, and now..we're *almost* there! Tonight is our first NHL game since last April.

This week there are two pre-season games, one against Winnipeg Jets yesterday and one tonight against the Washington Capitals. When we bought our half-season plan back in July we got to pick two pre-season games. I wanted to see the Winnipeg Jets in Columbus, but we chose their actual official season game on Nov 12 instead of yesterday's exhibition game. This way we'll be able to cheer on former CBJ Coach Noel (no-'el, like Christmas) because he didn't actually come to town last night. (They split the teams and played simultaneously here and there). So anyway, choosing the Washington Capitals made a better choice this time, even though it means we had to wait another day before we could watch hockey! :-(

Here's a photo of us in our seats, taken back in July at the Draft Party. If you are familiar with Nationwide you'll see that the cannon will be located directly behind us on our left. And if you are NOT familar with Nationwide Arena...yes, the cannon. Every time we score they blow up the cannon. It is awesome!
Here's the view *from* our seats. Obviously, we'll have a somewhat different view tonight. I'll be sure to take a photo "for real" and post it in the next few days. Still, the goal should be right around the place that kid is, should be exciting!!


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