Monday, January 9, 2012

One Hit Wonders: The Marcels "Blue Moon"

Who would imagine that a cool song like "Blue Moon" has SUCH a convoluted history!? I'm not going to go into it here, but if you are interested here is the link on wikipedia. If you only know this "pop" version of the song (from 1961), track down the more "standard" versions recorded by Elvis Presley or Bobby Vinton. You're in for a shock. I mean, this song *was* originally written by Lorenze Hart and Richard Rodgers in 1933, so....!

Every time I hear this particular version (the only copy I have, haha) I can't help but sing along. Sometimes I try to stay with the Doo-Wop part and sometimes I try to sing the lead. It doesn't matter; either way it's a great song!

However....I wanted to put up a link of the original group singing it, but it looks like The Marcels are one of these groups ala The Platters that have people going out and performing while using their name. I can't verify most of the Youtube videos that are labelled The Marcels! So, for the first time here on Friends of Justice, I am posting TWO versions of the same song!

I found this first video that uses stills from the movie, American Graffitti. It's the version of the song that I know and love. And the soundtrack to that movie is awesome, by the way.

Below that is a LIVE presentation of it. I'm not sure if any or most of these older guys are the original Marcels, but the two "leads" do sound similar. It is fun to watch these older guys up on stage obviously enjoying the attention...and  the audience obviously knows all the words, too!

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