Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aquaman!

According to the 1976 DC Calendar, January 29 is Arthur Curry's birthday. Of course, Arthur Curry is better known throughout the world as AQUAMAN. According to his publisher, today is his birthday, which makes him an Aquarius. I think that makes perfect sense. :-)

I have no idea why I like Aquaman. I already tried here to explain why I like him, but I just can't. He isn't one of the Biggies, and I've always supported the underdogs (not *that* Underdog....). Be that as it may, after I got back to the US after spending 14 years in Japan, I found it easy to claim Aquaman as "mine." Everybody knew Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and the X-Men, but the blonde guy in orange and green was mostly off the Pop Culture stage in the late 90s and 2000s. So I bought and wore t-shirts, I talked him up to people, and now, at my current job as interpreter/administrator for an R&D facility, the guys in my department help me celebrate Aquaman's birthday!

If the day happens on a Monday or Tuesday I spend the weekend baking cookies in the shape of (gingerbread) men. Then I decorate them with colored frosting. This photo is from what I did last year. One year the day fell on a weekday when I didn't have time to bake, so I bought cupcakes and decorated them with marine animal toys. One year I also baked a cake and tried to decorate it with Aquaman drawn in frosting, but those chefs on TV make it look a lot easier than it actually is, so I haven't done that since. I also try to buy Pepperidge Farm "goldfish" if I remember and if they are on sale. :-)

Aquaman's wife, by the way, has her birthday two days from now. Mera is a royal from another dimension; she visited here, they fell in love, and got married in the first wedding for a super-hero in comic-book history (Mr. Fantastic & The Invisible Girl got married a year later). My question has always been: is she the same age as him, a little bit older, or a little bit younger??

So today, in his honor, go out for some sushi or make yourself a tuna fish sandwich--- dolphin safe, please! Raise your glass to The Rodney Dangerfield of Super-Heroes (he doesn't get any respect, either!!) --- AQUAMAN!!!

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