Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Paul Norris RIP (1914-2007)

graphic by Rob Kelly (art by Paul Norris)
 On December 5, 2007, the creator of Aquaman, Mr. Paul Norris, passed away. He was 93 years young.

Paul Norris was a staff artist at National Comics in 1941 when he was assigned a new back-up strip in the pages of MORE FUN COMICS #73. Norris had already made something of a name for himself by illustrating The Sandman and Sandy, the Golden Boy. Well, in this issue Mr. Norris made history! Aquaman made his debut in this issue, cover-dated November 1941. And although this was before the United States had entered World War II, Aquaman was already protecting refugees from Nazis!

Norris only stayed on the character he co-created for less than a year, but he set the tone and style of the character that has endured for more than seventy years.

I thought I had a copy of the whole story, but I could not find it to scan it for this article. So I'm including pages I *could* find. And I am now intent on tracking down a reprint copy of this issue! 

I did not know that Paul Norris was born in Greenville, Ohio. I've been to that town quite a few times! Next time I go I will have to visit the city hall and try to get them to create a real Aquaman museum or something!

Rest in Peace, Paul Norris
 ...and thank you! 

For another point of view on Mr. Norris' passing, please read my buddy Rob's Paul Norris obit on The Aquaman Shrine from 2007.

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