Monday, May 12, 2014

JL #34 "Cross Cultural Crisis Exchange!" JSA Roll Call

 Here are the Justice Society member profiles from 1999, in their debut from JUSTICE LEAGUE 21. I *almost* drew additional portraits of new members Mr. Terrific, Star Girl, and Obsidian, but eventually decided against it. Maybe next time....? ;-) 

continued after the jump---! 

 I absolutely wanted to redo these two characters in particular...! HATED their costumes in the 90s and didn't like how I illustrated them, either. Check them out in the new adventure; hopefully you'll like them more.

 One of my all-time favorite characters: a guy in a suit, fedora, cape, and gas mask. Sure!

Starman did not actually appear in this new adventure other than in one panel in a flash-back. But I promise to try to use him in the next team-up if I do one, okay?

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