Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

About two years ago I started planning a certain Justice League story for my comic-book universe. I wanted to do an adaptation of an old SUPER FRIENDS comic where the DC super-heroes meet some of the classic Universal Monsters (#10).

When I mentioned the story to my collaborator, Andy Kapellusch, he, too was enthusiastic about working on it. Eventually I decided which members of the JLA should be involved, and which "monsters" should be involved, and I wrote the story. Andy graciously volunteered to draw the story, and we were all set.

Or so we thought.
The target was to have the story finished for today, Halloween 2015.

Unfortunately, "life" got in the way. The story was delayed, then the art was delayed, then the issue *before* this one was delayed, delaying this one....

Suffice it to say, our JLA #42 "A Universal Truth" is not ready for its close-up.

However, the majority of the story IS done! All that is left to do is some special effects and some over-dubbing and to add in three additional scenes. More importantly, JLA #41 is totally complete, and is being colored. It will appear in the next week or so.

After that issue is published, there will be only a little bit of down time before #42 appears, I promise!

To whet your appetite for this story, here are some more panels by the great Andy Kapellusch. Hawkman and Hawkwoman are among the first to encounter "the monsters"....

Then in Chapter Two two more Universal stars come across two more JLAers...!

And finally we get some synthetic men and some bats and other dark knights, as shown above. That's all you get of the story today....

However, Andy isn't the only talented friend who is helping me out with this story! Two others lent their support to this project. Corey Hodgdon provided a lavish full-color poster of Aquaman meeting...well, somebody, but I'll save that for the actual publishing date. In the meantime here is a special black & white sneak peek at one of the variant covers, by the one and only Tim Wallace!

Sorry this story didn't hit the scheduled release date, but rest will be worth the wait!!
Happy Halloween Everybody! 

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