Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, Burt Ward!

Believe it or not, today marks Burt Ward's 71st birthday!

When I was a kid, Robin the Boy Wonder and Batgirl were my two favorite TV super-heroes (sorry, Batman!). I've loved them ever since I first saw Burt Ward and the late, great Yvonne Craig bring them to life.

I know it must have been hard to live under the pressure of being everybody's favorite "Boy Wonder." Burt Ward never really had an acting career, thanks to being type-cast as Robin. (And how stupid is type-casting, anyway? Can't you believe that actors can act? That's what they DO! Sheesh!)

Still, hopefully he has enjoyed his life as a celebrity...he is out there on the convention circuit nowadays so hopefully he is enjoying meeting and greeting his fans.

Happy Birthday, Burt Ward! 
Thank you for your lifetime of crime-fighting!

And because today is New Comic Book Wednesday, I thought I would show some "Burt Ward" as he has appeared in various BATMAN '66 comics in the past few years. Thirty issues of the series plus a few specials. If you are a fan of the show, I recommend you pick up a trade paperback to check them out....!

 All covers were by the talented Michael Allred

several stories were illustrated by the fantastic Ty Templeton

Batman & The Green Hornet 6-issue mini-series 
painted covers by Alex Ross

Batman '66 Meets Two-Face
art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Joe Prado 

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