Friday, July 8, 2011

Roll Call Profiles 1 Wonder Woman & Aquaman

These are the FIRST pages of the FIRST Roll Call profiles I ever did. They are circa November 1990.

In the first four issues of my bilingual JUSTICE LEAGUE I featured a one-page list of all the then-current League members. I started off with ten, and tried to use all of them in each story. However, because I figured that none of the Japanese audience knew any of these characters besides Superman and Batman, I also added profiles that would run in each issue. For the first four issues, I used these, two per page. I of course led off with two of my favorites, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

These made their debut in Number One, printed in December 1990. They ran through Number Four. A year later, in December 1991, they were replaced with what I called Roll Call cards. Instead of the list as shown here, I simply showed the heroes' portraits. Kind of like the "roll call heads down the side of the cover" that JLA did in the late 60s, haha.

You can see that I didn't use the characters' logos yet. And I was writng in standard US comic-book conventional fonts, ie in all-caps. The Japanese found this hard to read, so after number 5 I switched to "literary" conventions of small and capital lettering.

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