Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roll Call Profiles 1 Hawkwoman & Martian Manhunter

For some reason I always thought of Hawkman and Jonn Jonzz in the same way. Maybe it's because they were both rocking those crossed-chest bands. Maybe because they were both aliens on Earth trying to make it a better place. Maybe because they were both so striking visually. I don't know, but I always figured they would sit around the JLA HQ and talk about what planets they knew and what aliens they had both run across.
Maybe that's why I put Jonn and Shayera together on this page. I do remember thinking I had to balance out the men & women and I also remember thinking I had to balance out the colors...on the left page would be GL & Flash, green and red, so on this page would be the yellow and light green and red and blues...a nice balance. As it were, I believe I did a bang-up coloring job on Martian Manhunter. Whenever I took an extra bit of time on coloring I liked the results.

Now let's talk about what I ended up doing to Hawkwoman, shall we? I think that I must have added the crossed chest bands because I intended to alter Hawkman in two DC Comics' JLA stories into Hawkwoman (I used these butchered stories in numbers 2 and 4). Also, I always thought that the point of those straps were to keep Hawkman's wings on...so if they aren't there, how are Shayera's wings staying up? I never did figure that out...! The really weird thing for me is why I added bracelets to her look. Maybe in lieu of gloves? Something to make her arms more interesting? I really have no recollection right now.
If it makes you feel any better, I eventually re-designed her and got rid of the straps and the bracelets. It may take a while, but I eventually realize when I have made a mistake, haha! 
I eventually got better at drawing the wings, too. :-)

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