Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Number 5 "The Return of Dr. Light!" FORWARD

I'm going to try this process and see if people like it (or don't give a damn, haha). Before every story arc begins I'm going to make some preliminary comments which I will call my "Forward." Then after each story is over I'll be back with what I will probably call my "Afterward." Sound good? Great!

So..a few words about what you're about to read. After I made four convoluted and badly received comic books featuring some of my favorite characters ever, I basically had decided to stop making them. I happened to mention this to a few people, and they gave me constructive criticism which boiled down to: make them easier to read. When two or three boys in my English As A Second Language classes asked me if any more were coming out, I decided I would give it another chance. I took more time and made more effort on this issue's art and layout than I did on almost any other issue. While there are plenty of places in this story where I wince looking at them 20 years later, the issue as a whole still basically holds up as a classic Gardner Fox type adventure. I hope you agree with me after you read it. 

The Japanese language assistant/check for all these first few issues was Mrs. Mariko Tadokoro. As the mother of two boys in my classes who read bunches and bunches of manga and a student in my adult class herself I prevailed upon her to help me out. She was a godsend at the start-up, giving me plenty of good advice and criticism. Not only could I not have done it without her, she made the translation part of the work fun.

This is a copy of the credit box that appeared on the inside front cover of each issue.

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