Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

By the time you read this I and my family will be in Japan celebrating Christmas, the New Year, the Emperor's Birthday, and our daughter's Coming of Age. So...Happy Holidays to you and yours!

In Japan when you turn 20 you are considered a Legal Adult. And to help celebrate this personal milestone in the Japanese way (in a group) there is the legal holiday, Coming of Age Day. That's when all the young people who turn 20 in the past year get together and get their pictures taken and go out and get drunk celebrate. So since our daughter turned 20 in August, she wanted to go back to her hometown for a government sponsored reunion, and we agreed to take her. 

We'll be back in the US the first week of January. There will be a few more pre-programmed posts here before we get back, but basically I am out of the country and off the radar. :-) 


May you and yours have a wonderful and safe holiday season, and may the new year bring you nothing but good news.


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  1. That Christmas Card is all kinds of cute. Love it. Merry Christmas, Russell.