Tuesday, December 20, 2011

JLA # 12 EXTRA: "The Story of Amazo!"

Right now we're going to present a special segment called
"The Story of Amazo!" 

Amazo was made several years ago by Professor Ivo. His original purpose was to absorb life energy.

Actually, he was like an energy vampire. He absorbed life force from long-living animals in order to become immortal!

The professor's plan was to transfer *his* brain into Amazo's body so that he himself could be immortal!

However, I investigated the murders of several turtles and became involved.
I saved the turtles but I wasn't as strong as Amazo. I was unable to capture him.

Then I called the Justice League. We had only just recently formed.

Amazo accidentally realized he could absorb our super-powers--- and left us to die!

However, using our weaknesses we fought Amazo one more time. Using Martian Manhunter's weakness to fire and Green Lantern's weakness to the color yellow we were able to defeat him.

From then on, Amazo has come back to fight us several times. It's always quite a battle to defeat him...and because he is intelligent, we can never use the same battle strategy twice!
After the last time we fought, we put him in the safest place we could think of...."sleeping" in our Justice League space station....until we woke him up today!  

Green Arrow's original uniform on the left (shown on page 44)
Green Arrow's Winter uniform (shown on pages 19-20)
Wonder Woman's original uniform (shown on pages 42-44)
Hawkwoman's original uniform (page 44)

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