Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Florence Ballard!

Florence Ballard, arguably the founder of The Supremes, was born on June 30, 1943. Unfortunately, she died tragically on February 22, 1976.

Here is her being recorded talking about how she left the group in the spring of 1967. It's sad to hear it because 1. she was forced out and 2. she's no longer with us. I can't really hear the interviewer, but her voice is strong and clear. I can just imagine somebody saying, "Girl, you're drunk and fat!" and her coming back, "Sucker, I had two beers and I'm a big girl. Get out of my face!" haha!
Unfortunately, she was not meant to be the superstar she should have been.

I often think of Flo when during the course of my life I get into arguments based on ego or pride; do I try to work with "my Diana Ross" or do I take the high road? Flo's life is an education, but I'm never sure what the lesson is. All I know is, the more I know about Flo and The Supremes, the less I like listening to some of their later songs.

Happy Birthday, Florence Ballard!
Thank you for gracing us with your wonderful presence!
Six minute interview about her last performance in 1967
and how she was mis-treated leading up to her firing
Motown Promo video featuring The Supremes, Holland-Dozier-Holland in the
background, and Berry Gordy

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