Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jan Smithers!

When I was in high school I watched WKRP in Cincinnati every week. I did not have a crush on Loni Anderson; no, I had a crush on Jan Smithers as Bailey Quarters.
WRKP only lasted four years, 1978-1982, but in that time the ensemble cast were each featured in special episodes that highlighted their characters, and Jan Smithers was no different. She started out as a cypher that nobody noticed, but blossomed into a well-rounded news professional.

Jan Smithers became famous when a photograph of her on a friend's motorcycle was made the cover image for NEWSWEEK in March 1966. Then she appeared in several TV-movies and as a guest-star on such shows as Hotel and Love Boat. By 1987 she had basically retired from acting.

Tomorrow July 3 is Jan Smithers' birthday. She will be 64 years young.

Happy Birthday, Jan Smithers!
I hope to see you in something again soon!
the Newsweek cover that "made her a star"
with WRKP co-stars Tim Reid and Gary Sandy
with WRKP co-star Richard Sanders
the closing theme from the show with stills of the stars

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