Wednesday, November 18, 2015

JL #41 "The Mystery of the Fiery Eyes!"

PLEASE----once you read this, 
do not "spoil" the plot in any comments or links! Thank you! 


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    1. Thank YOU!
      Was your knowledge of obscure DC facts enough so that you could you figure it out?

  2. This is great, Russell! Really moves and keeps you guessing. The obscure character references were fun--for a minute I was afraid we were looking at the remains of Gleek's great grand-daddy. The literal guest-star cameo in the last panel was a nice touch. A+


    1. Thanks!
      Part of my fun in writing this was throwing in references to Exor etc to see if people knew what I was talking about. :-)

  3. I love these, Russell. They're so much fun. This had a really nice pace to it with some great beats. I didn't guess the surprise at all. My knowledge of obscure DC facts is so-so. Still great fun, good job with the art too! Love it!