Sunday, October 9, 2011

CBJ: 2011 Game Two vs Minnesota (4-2)

I suppose I should *first* say that I went to school in St. Paul, Minnesota oh-so-many-years ago and I always liked the Minnesota Northstars. When I came back to the US in 2001 and found out that Minnesota had actually LOST their original team and had to create a new one, this "Wild" team of which we are about to speak, I have to say I was disappointed with my Minnesota brethren. HOW could you have lost the Northstars?! Then I looked into the situation a bit and found that, shock of shocks, it was a business decision by the owners. Of course it was. So now I absolutely *hate* the Dallas (North) Stars because their owner moved them from their home in Minnesota for the oil-rich pastures of Texas, and I cheer on the Minnesota Wild whenever they play anyone except the Blue Jackets.

And boy, did we get played last night.

If we had quite a few great moments and possibilities on Opening Night, we were flat-out BAD last night. My wife places most of the blame on Goalie Steve Mason; she has never seen the "potential" that everybody keeps saying he has or had. I see a team of rookies and newbies who haven't gelled and simply can't play together well yet. How many losses do we have to sit through before the team gells, you ask? That is the $64,000 question. For now, the pain continues. Personally, I can't wait for RW Jared Boll (one of my favorites) and Defense James Wiesnewski (sp?) to get back from Injured Reserve and Penalty, respectively.

Jeff Carter looked good out there last night. I can't wait to see him play against his old team, the Philadelphia Flyers! Derek Dorsett and Matt Calvert also looked good, although Matt was injured when one of the Wild high-sticked him in the mouth. Ouch!!  

Monday night we play the Vancouver Canucks. They nearly won the Stanley Cup last year, so we have our work cut out for us. (sigh)

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