Monday, October 10, 2011

JLA # 9, "Nothing Beats The Royal Flush Gang!" FORWARD

Welcome back to the 9th issue of my bilingual Justice League comic-book. You're in for a treat this time because, even though the art sucks in certain places (it always did/does!), overall this is one of my favorite issues. Why, you ask? Well...I'm not *really* sure,  but every time I go back and re-read it I get to the end and think, "Yeah. That worked." For those creators out there (be you musicians or artists or actors or whatever) do you know what I mean? Sometimes you just think after you create something, "that was good." That's what I think about this one. I remember reading about how LA is the bank robbery capitol of the US, and somehow that little fact turned into this story. :-)

Words of thanks again go to my good friend Mariko Tadokoro, who was definitely getting "into" the vibe of what I was trying to do. I'd love Japanese people to read this and tell me if this issue's Japanese reads better than, say, issue 6. My guess is that it does....

By the way, in Japanese the words for FLUSH and FLASH sound the same. So I made a point of saying in the notes to this story what the difference was. I didn't want any kids to start calling the Scarlet Speedster the Flush, ya know.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I (always) do, haha! :-)

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