Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!

It's been 47 (?!) years since I made my debut on this mortal plane and boy! has it been a wild, crazy ride. Lately I've been thinking that maybe I am going through a mid-life crisis, but that's impossible; that would mean I'm gonna live to be 94, and, uh....NO. ;-) I have been thinking about my life lately, though, and that made me think about what has been important to me....

Obviously, my family and friends are my most important possession. I've travelled the nation and the world (literally) and I have been blessed enough to have made friends everywhere. "I know I have a heart...because it's breaking." So thank you, everyone who loves me, because I love you, too, and I couldn't have made it here without you!

Then I started thinking about important cultural timepieces that helped make me the man that I am today...SO, I decided to throw a few photos together to try to show you who I am. I just started jotting down things that are important to me, and suddenly I'd thrown together approximately 50 images of songs, movies, TV shows, people, places, and things that mean something to me!

Again, I didn't include any personal photos of the wife, daughter, friends, or family because I didn't want to embarass them. If you're reading this, you can probably include yourself in that list. :-)

If any of these images don't make sense to you, feel free to ask me for the stories behind them!







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