Thursday, October 13, 2011

CBJ vs Colorado (3-2 SO) (10-12-11)

We are currently zero for four.
Yes, we have played four games and lost all of them. :-( This is the worst start-up in franchise history (11 years for those of you who don't know). Also, last night's game was the lowest attendance ever, at less than 9,000 people in an arena built for twice that. (Our season opener was a sell-out at 18,000, though.)

All that being said, last night was probably the most fun I've had at a hockey game in a long while. Part of the reason was where we were sitting: we got special tickets and started sitting in row B in section 116. After the second period the people in front of us left and told us we could have their seats. So...yep, we were in THE FRONT ROW. Like up against the plexi-glass. Like we could reach out and touch the players...except for those 1/2 inch of plastic between us, of course. It changes the "feel" of the game when you are watching from that close. I don't think I would want to have these seats every time, but every once in a while....yes! See the photo below of Jan Hedja? This was taken FROM OUR SEATS. :-)

The other reason I enjoyed last night's game was because instead of just me and the wife, the daughter and a friend of mine joined us. We got four free tickets, so as soon as the daughter heard where the seats were, she re-arranged her work schedule to make the game. That left one more seat, so I asked my hockey loving buddy to join us.

During one of the times when the ice is being cleaned, one of the CBJ cheerleaders came down to our section to give away free t-shirts. I got up and was dancing to get his attention, then he gestured for me to keep at it, so I did for about 15 seconds or so and he tossed me a shirt! Then my buddy jumped at him as if to "check" him, and people thought that was funny, so he got a free t-shirt, too! Of course, they were smalls, so I gave mine to my wife. My buddy said he was going to wear his as a muscle-t, but I *think* he was joking. 

We also got free ice cream and popcorn, the latter making the $6.75 beers taste a little better. 

Lastly, we all had our favorite players to cheer on. Jan Hedja, who last year played for the Blue Jackets, now plays for The Avalanche. It was like old-home week to be able to cheer him on again. Kris Russell is my favorite player, and he was *right there* several times during the evening. And Derek Brassard is my daughter's favorite, and he got a penalty in the second period. Well the penalty box was one section over, so my daughter grabbed her camera and scooted over there to take about a dozen photos of him. Too funny.

Unfortunately, even though we had the lead up until the third period, we ended up losing in a Shoot Out. So we got ONE point, but no victory. The streak continues....! :-(

Next game is on Saturday in Dallas. Go Jackets!!

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