Saturday, October 8, 2011

CBJ: 2011 Season Opener vs Nashville (3-2)

It's been a hell of a week, so I apologize for not having anything to post. I got behind in my prep work and then I lost the will to live, let alone the will to post, haha. That all changed last night, as Columbus Blue Jackets opened their 2011-12 season against the Nashville (Sexual) Predators!!

So we actually lost, 3-2, but the game was EXCITING! If you are an NHL fan, you have to admit that the first thing you want to see at a hockey game is excitement. The (close) second thing you want to see is a win for your team. Am I wrong?
 I would rather watch a nail-biter thrill-a-second loss than a stomp, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, we did a lot of things right last night. We were in it until the very end. Sure, we lost, but only by one point and if we manage to improve some of the sloppiness out there (missed passes being number one) I think we will end up doing very, very well. I am still optomistic!

Also, sitting behind the goal on the side of the cannon (Attack Twice) is waaay different than sitting on the other side (last year's seats). Gone hopefully for good are the people talking about work or dating or what-have-you....we were surrounded by serious hockey fans last night! (Maybe it was because it was the opener...haha!)

The next game is tonight against my old college era team, Minnesota. Hopefully we'll get a win there. Then we're back home on Monday and Wednesday. Yuko and I are going to both of those games. :-)

The other fun thing from last night is we went shopping at the CBJ store. I was promised a new t-shirt for my birthday. I wanted a new RUSSELL 10 shirt because now that Kris Russell signed my first one I don't want to over-wash it etc. I *almost* got a CALVERT 11 or an UMBERGER 18 but in the end I picked RUSSELL. How could I not, right? ;-)

When we headed to the check-out Yuko pointed out some car stickers and the wall emblem shown we ended up getting both. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks, honey!! Now it's on the wall in our dining area, with the signed photo of Jan Hedja on the other side of the tapestry. 

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