Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Guy Williams!

January 14, 1924 was the birthday of one of the most famous Dads on television, Mr. Guy Williams.

Guy was born in New York City, and after a long, winding path to stardom, got his big break when Walt Disney himself hired him to portray ZORRO on television. Guy already knew how to ride a horse and to fence, so he was a natural. He portrayed the famous character for three years, 1957-1959.

In 1964 Guy thought he had another big break when he was hired for BONANZA to take the place of Pernell Roberts, who was on his way out as eldest son "Adam." However, Roberts decided to stay one more year, and Guy was suddenly out.

In 1965, however, Guy took a role that rivals that of Zorro for keeping him in the public consciousness: he was cast as Professor John Robinson, the male lead in LOST IN SPACE. Professor Robinson was the patriarch of the Space Family Robinson: the moral and physical leader as well as the smartest man in space. There was almost nothing he couldn't do. He played well against his TV-wife, June Lockhart as Dr. Maureen Robinson, and his TV-children. His TV-son, Billy Mumy, had first wanted to become a TV star after watching Guy in ZORRO several years before! So it was a dream come true for him to be working with his idol.
From all accounts the cast got along great at the beginning, and the show looked to be in for a long, popular run. Unfortunately, in 1966 BATMAN premiered on ABC, and LOST IN SPACE decided to follow the "camp" mood of the country. After one year of super-serious science fiction, LiS became a fantasy drama centered more and more around the silly antics of Dr. Smith, portrayed by Jonathan Harris. Guy Williams had fewer and fewer things to do as the series went on, and after three years was not unhappy to see the series end.

In his retirement he moved to Buenos Aires. The people of Argentina loved him for his portrayal of Zorro, and he in turn loved the country and people.

Guy Williams passed away in May 1989.
Happy Birthday, Guy Williams!
as Don Diego de la Vega aka ZORRO

File:Guy Williams in Bonanza as Will Cartwright 2.jpg
as Will Cartwright on BONANZA

w/June Lockhart as Mr & Mrs Robinson
The Lost In Space cast in their 3rd season PR shots
Guys' last public appearance in the US on a charity FAMILY FEUD show
RIP Mr. Guy Williams

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