Saturday, April 6, 2013

Revising & Updating Seigi-No-Nakama!

If you have been to my blog before today than you have probably noticed that in the last few days I have added more icons to the right column. And today, I finally updated/revised my header, the graphic on the top of this page.

I started this blog on July 8, 2011. Mostly I started it to post all of my bilingual JUSTICE LEAGUE comics. I had gotten requests to post these stories and because I didn't have any better place to upload them, I decided to start a blog for them.

Since then, I gradually began to write additional posts that had nothing to do with my comic-books. Now that I am almost finished posting my JLA adventures I had to decide if I was going to retire this blog or not. I wanted to be a writer when I was a kid, and as everybody knows, a writer WRITES. So I decided to keep at this blog stuff.

As part of my review I went through the 600-plus posts from the past two years. I found my recurring themes, and the things I would like to keep doing (and the things I decided to stop).

I've added the icons HAPPY BIRTHDAY and PASSAGES to celebrate those people who are or have marked my life in a profound way. Similarly, I made HISTORY more clearly linked to posts that won't or can't fit anywhere else. I've made my comic-book related pages more easy to find, breaking them up by the two main publishers, DC and MARVEL. And I've added an icon for my favorite super-hero, who I will be commenting on when I have nothing else to talk about, haha! Actually, I want to showcase all sorts of AQUAMAN merchandise and odds'n'ends that I think will be interesting. I hope you will agree.

Popular Culture has been broken up into TV TUESDAY as well as FILM FRIDAY. From TV TUESDAY I also have created specific TV show icons for those shows that I have enjoyed especially. I still need to add a few more icons. I feel like right now TV is heavily in the past; I need to make a concerted effort to add posts (and icons) for more of my more recent favorites. So look for this section to be expanded even more in the near future.

As for Music, because I only have a few die-hard favorites, mostly I will be upkeeping MUSIC MONDAY. The groups I really love will be represented here. Besides THE BEATLES and THE MONKEES, I am going to add either MOTOWN or various/specific Motown acts. I am still thinking about this decision, which is why The Supremes still represent "MY FAVORITE THINGS." This may be changing; keep an eye out. Also, I have begun a new sub-topic, MUSIC MEMORIES, about how certain songs have come to represent more than just what they initially meant. I will try to write a new column on this topic atleast once a month.

FILM FRIDAYS has been here for awhile, but I haven't done much to keep up with it. I promise to do better from now on. Similar to BOOKENDS, I will try to write more about the recent movies and books that I have seen or that I have read. I have two posts done for these topics already, and I hope to keep up with them. I read and watch a lot of movies, so this should be relatively easy.

MAGNIFICENT SEVEN was supposed to be my "Best" lists, so I hope to write one of these every month. If possible, it would be posted on the 7th of every month. Help keep me honest by reminding me about this, and eventually it will become second nature to me.

Because POGO was difficult to do, it has dropped to "co-star" billing here on the blog. When I find something to write about, I will be posting. I just found it difficult to come up with regular post ideas.

As KENBUNKI is also ending soon, the energy I expanded on this column should transfer easily to some of the others. Atleast, that is the plan.

As always, if there are things you would like to see here, let me know. I want to keep my audience happy, you know. :-)

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