Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Gary Burghoff!

The actor from MASH who had the first relationship with his character is Gary Burghoff as "Radar."  This is because he is the only actor to have appeared in the 1970 Robert Altman MASH film and then go onto join the cast of the TV series, too. Character actor Roger Bowen portrayed Col. Henry Blake in the movie; McLean Stevenson portrayed him on TV. Rene' Auberjonais portrayed Father Mulcahy in the movie: William Christopher portrayed him on TV (in every appearance except for the pilot.) The list goes on and on. However, Gary was Radar in the movie, and then two years later when Larry Gelbart and Gene Reynolds adapted the movie for television, Gary was cast as Radar again. He stayed with the TV series for seven years.

Today is Gary's birthday, so for all his Emmy Award-winning TV work but also especially for his film work (because today is Film Friday) we wish Gary a very happy day!

Happy Birthday, Gary Burghoff!

Burghoff with Roger Bowen as Lt. Col Henry Blake
John Schuck as "Painless Pole" (left), unknown,
Burghoff, and Bowen as Henry
Rene Auberjonais as Father Mulcahy, Bowen as Henry, Burghoff  
The TV Series Cast from the First Season
(The character of Klinger was NOT in the movie)

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