Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mike W. Barr!

Tomorrow May 30 is Mike W. Barr's 61st birthday. Barr is well-known in the comic industry for writing the first "Maxi-Series," CAMELOT 3000, as well as being one of the creators of BATMAN & THE OUTSIDERS (with Jim Aparo). I have never met the man, but he seems to be from the Akron, OH area so maybe some day I will get the chance to tell him how much I like his work.

Happy Birthday, Mike W. Barr!

the series that put artist Brian Bolland on the map
a rarity, an actual murder mystery super-hero story
featuring two of his (and my!) favorite characters

Batman quit the JLA to lead these characters, two established (Metamorpho &
Black Lightning) and three brand-new (GeoForce, Halo, and Katana)

Barr brought artist Alan Davis to everyone's attention, in a FUN
series of adventures before Batman went dark


  1. I always enjoyed Mr. Barr's work on BATO and his solo Bat-work. He was a fun writer, and his letters pages were the most fun at DC. When TM Maple had letters published in Mike's books, it was TWICE the fun! :)

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Barr! :)

    1. You are so right! His letter columns were so interesting and entertaining. I miss that forum with other fans and the creators. The internet is just not the same thing. :-(