Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brad Paisley!

I didn't know anything about Brad Paisley until I happened to hear his song, "Alcohol." I liked it and went searching for more. I found that he can balance the so-called "silly" songs like "Alcohol" and "On-Line" and "Sure Gonna Miss Her" with genuinely touching songs like "He Didn't Have To Be," "When I Get Where I'm Going," and my favorite, "Welcome To The Future."

I have only been to a few concerts in my life. But when I heard that Brad Paisley would be coming to Columbus last year, I was one of the first people to buy tickets. My buddy and I were going to go because he likes him, too, and I wanted to go with somebody who would appreciate the show. A week before, my Columbus Blue Jackets account representative called me up and invited me to a SUITE for the show! So my buddy and two more friends went to the show in style....obviously, it was the best show I had ever seen.
Thanks, Brad, and thanks, Sean! I'll never forget that evening.

I happened across his autobiography (basically a series of stories) called Diary Of A Player at the library two years ago. It was a fun, easy-to-read book from a guy who sounds like he is totally grounded and happy doing what he does
Happy Birthday, Brad Paisley! 

AND he wears a Justice League t-shirt during concerts? GREAT GUY!!

Here's "A Letter To Me" which looks like it was filmed at his own high school reunion. 
Is he really just a good ole' West Virginia boy? It sure seems like it. 

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