Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Johnny Weissmuller!

June 2, 1904 is the birthday of the best and best-known Tarzan of the Movies, Mr. Johnny Weissmuller. Johnny was a Gold Medal swimmer at the 1924 Paris and the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. After the Olympics he became a model and spokesperson for BVD underwear. He signed a contract with MGM in 1932 and starred in Tarzan The Ape Man that year. In all he starred in twelve TARZAN films. When he was too old to continue in that role he played "Jungle Jim," an adventurer created by Alex Raymond and Don Moore, in sixteen more films.

Weissmuller died on January 20, 1984. He was 79.

Here he is doing one of the first if not *the* first "Tarzan Call" from TARZAN THE APE MAN.


And here he is doing the call at RKO after the Tarzan series moved from MGM.
This is obviously Weissmuller doing the call himself. Sorry, I can't seem to imbed this video but the link should work...

Here's something from the TV series JUNGLE JIM.
Interesting to see the similarities to Lord Greystoke.

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