Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Len Wein!

Len Wein is a comic-book writer and editor who is directly responsible for me reading comic books. He was the writer of the first comic-book I ever remembering *wanting*, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. My friend Brian had bought a copy on some family trip of his, and he brought it to school to show us. It had all the famous super-heroes, and I was *hooked.* I convinced my parents to fill out the subscription page in the comic and I started getting JLA delivered "straight to my door." Thus started the hobby that I have never given up.

I was lucky enough to meet Len at a few conventions. He seemed personable and knowledgeable. I was wearing an Aquaman t-shirt both times and mentioned that he was my favorite; he said that Aquaman was one of *his* favorites, too. He signed several of my comics, too, which thrilled me to no end. 

Today is Len Wein's 65th birthday. Here's to you, Len!

Happy Birthday, Len Wein
...and THANK YOU for all your years of great comic-books!
 In 1972 Len brought back The Seven Soldiers of Victory...

....then he added The Phantom Stranger to the JLA universe....

 ...then he added The Elongated Man as their newest member....

....followed by Red Tornado one issue later!

then he formed and named The Freedom Fighters,
a band of Golden Age super-heroes....
My Very First.
That's Len's signature in silver over the JLA logo.
....THEN he helped create some group called The X-Men. You might have heard of them. :-)
Later still, he was part of the team that created The New Teen Titans.
You might have heard of them, too. :-)

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