Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday, Walt Kelly!

One hundred years ago today, Walt Kelly was born in Philadelphia. For the approximately 60 years he was alive he helped create countless hours of amusement for kids of all ages. He worked at DISNEY, helping animate Dumbo. He worked at GOLD KEY, drawing comics of The Little Rascals aka Our Gang. And of course, he created POGO.

The world would have been a  little less bright without the gifts of Mr. Kelly. DUMBO is available on DVD. OUR GANG has been collected in trade paperbacks. And there are two collected works of POGO so far, with a new book scheduled to be published each year. .

On this anniversary of his birth, Friends of Justice salutes him.

Happy Birthday, Walt Kelly! 


Complete Dailies and Sunday Strips, Volume One

Complete Dailies and Sunday Strips, Volume Two

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