Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Buck Owens!

I came late to the Buck Owens fan club. I only knew him as one-half of the Hee Haw hosting team with Roy Clark. And I saw Roy Clark on all sorts of other TV shows as a guest-star, so I figured he was the bigger star. Well, of course, in the Country & Western world Buck was huge. I had no idea. I didn't know until recently that he had written "It's Crying Time Again," which was a huge hit for him on the C&W charts before it was a huge hit for Ray Charles on the Pop charts. I only knew he had written a song for the The Beatles that I liked...."Act Naturally." Of course, it was a huge hit for himself a few years before my time.

So like I said, I didn't really appreciate Buck Owens until after he had passed. I now have quite a few of his songs on my ipod, including this great harmony with Don Rich, "Together Again. "

August 12 would have been Buck's 84th birthday. He passed away in 2006. 

Happy Birthday, Buck Owens!


  1. Good post. Roy Clark was enormously talented, too.

    1. Yes, watching the old episodes it's easy to see why the show was such a success. They were irreplaceable.