Saturday, November 12, 2011

CBJ Trades Russell Quits CBJ?!

This season has not gone the way anyone in the Columbus Blue Jackets organization or fan-base thought it would. We made all sorts of exciting and dramatic trades over the summer, with the expectation/hope that we would be a better team this year. I remember reading that all of the fans wanted another appearance in the playoffs, at the very least. (We've had one shot in ten years.) Anything less and people would be upset.

Well if you know anything about hockey at all you know that the Blue Jackets are currently the worst team in the league. We have won TWO games out of...wait for it....fifteen~! So our current record going in to our game tonight against the Winnipeg Jets is 2-12-1. We have a grand total of five points. The Jets aren't much better; they are at the bottom of their Eastern* division, yet they have thirteen points. (*they are in the East because they took Atlanta's berth; they'll be a league realignment next year.)

To add insult to injury, the coach of the Winnipeg Jets is the man Columbus didn't hire to be our new coach when we had the chance, Mr. Claude No'el. We passed him over in favor of our current coach, Mr. Scott Arniel. Not sure that was such a good idea, are we?!?

And to make matters even worse for me, yesterday the Blue Jackets traded my favorite player, Kris Russell! And where did he go, you ask? He is now playing for my former home-town team, the St. Louis Blues! (If he had gone to Colorado Avalanche he would have re-teamed with former CBJ Jan Hedja, my wife's favorite player, and our home would now be flying Avalanche colors.)

Yet we continue to play our terrible goalie, Steve Mason. Every game. (sigh)

So it's with a heavy heart that we are planning on going to the game tonight. When I picked this game in our half-season package back in August the hope was that we would celebrate Coach No'el's new position, welcome Winnipeg back into the NHL family, and then beat them in a winning streak on our way to the playoffs. Haha!

Now I'm thinking I may wear gray and white (Jets colors) instead of blue tonight. (sigh)

My new team logo!?

Maybe I'll switch allegiance to the St. Louis Blues. After all, they just hired the Blue Jackets' former coach, Ken Hitchcock, last week! When I go to St. Louis for Thanksgiving, maybe I'll pick up some RUSSELL t-shirts with the Blues logo on them to take the place of the CBJ crap stuff I currently have.

I told my wife I might buy up some RUSSELL CBJ sweaters and t-shirts and give them out to friends and family as gifts. Hell, they have my name on them, and they'll be cheap! Why not? If you're reading this and you want one, just let me know. ;-) 

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