Friday, November 11, 2011

Russell's Ken-Bun-Ki May 16, 1996 Bon Appetit!

Recently I feel like Miyazaki has begun to change in a certain way. what I mean is, there has been an increase in foreign food restaurants recently. Currently I know of restaurants dedicated to Italian, Russian, thai, Indian, French, Koean, and Chinese food. Many people ask me, "What about American food?" Honestly, there are only a few genuinely "American" foods. This is because, except for the Native Americans (called "Indians" in slang), all Americans or their ancestors are immigrants. They brought over not only their food but their culture and language. That's why there are very few things that are truly American. On the other hand, that is why Americans can find any type of food almost anywhere! Italian pizza and pasta, Indian curry, German sausages, English stews, Mexican tacos, Chinese food, and of course Japanese sushi and teriyaki can be found everywhere. We can enjoy all types of delicious foods any where, at any time. 

That's why I am so happy that I have discovered delicious pizzerias, Indian curry, and Thai restaurants in Miyazaki City. Anyone who has not had foreign food before, I urge you to try something. Trying foreign foods is another part of International Relations. If you introduce various types of food to children when they are young then they will grow up to be more international people. You already eat Japanese-modified foreign foods like Curry Rice and Pizza Toast and Doria. I think you should try the original foods these Japanese dishes were based on.

By the way, this week's title is French for the Japanese term "itadakimasu." We don't really say this in English, so I used the French version instead. 

*Click on the Japanese to Sumo-size it.

This article was written 15 years ago. Now I'm sure that Miyazaki City is even more "International."

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