Monday, November 14, 2011

One Hit Wonders: Club Nouveau "Lean On Me'

Bill Withers wrote this song as a kind of "folky" ballad (?) back in 1972. If you haven't heard it, well I can't imagine how you possibly found your way to *my* blog, haha. It's a beautiful song, and you can find it by at YouTube. In the meantime,we're here to talk about *this*version, from 1987. It' a staple on 80s-90s-Now radio stations, and every time I hear it I think back to my days in college when it first came out Then of course I think of all the people who I have leaned on and who lean on me. It's a great song.

Now, while it's true that Club Nouveau never had another hit song, they actually had a hit *before* this. When they were known as The Timex Social Club they had a top ten hit with "Rumors." Anybody remember that song? According to legend they had to change their name when some watch company protested their name. The rest, as they say...

Crank it up; you know you want to! ;-)

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