Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Adam West & Joe Kubert!

Today is Adam West's birthday. If you don't know who Adam West is, why the hell are you on this page?! Haha....

Adam West was only 40 years old when BATMAN ended, as his birthday is September 19, 1928. That means that he has been Batman for longer than he lived before he was Batman. 

He is also, of course, Mayor West from FAMILY GUY.

Thank you, Mr. West, for being such a great actor. When I was a kid I liked Robin and Batgirl better because they looked the parts a little bit more than you did. Yes, I admit it, I was a Batman snob. As an adult, however, I can see that you are such a great actor. I catch throw-away lines now that I missed before, especially against actors who matched you line-for-line like Julie Newmar and Frank Gorshin.

I met Mr. West briefly at last year's Mid-Ohio Comic Con. He seemed entertainingly fun. Here's hoping he can continue to bring smiles to all of us!

Happy Birthday, Adam West!

On a sadder note, yesterday September 18 was Joe Kubert's birthday. He would have been 86 years old. Unfortunately, he died this past August 12.

As a kid I never was a huge fan of Joe Kubert. His main series were war comics such as SGT ROCK or ENEMY ACE or fantasy-adventure series like TARZAN that I simply did not read. I was a fan of his super-hero work, especially HAWKMAN, but by the time I was reading comics he was not drawing this series. I mostly came across his work in the reprints of THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, such as VIKING PRINCE, which were great. Later I came to appreciate his SGT ROCK work and purchased Fax From Sarajevo and Between Hell and a Hard Place. Both of these are terrific, so go to your local library and borrow them!

I had the great good fortune to meet Mr. Kubert at a Mid-Ohio Con a few years ago. He was friendly and charming. I didn't have anything with me for him to sign, and to this day I regret it. 

Happy Birthday, Joe Kubert! 

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