Sunday, September 16, 2012

POGO Peek-A-Book from 1955

Yesterday the wife and I went to some HUGE Flea Market in Springfield, OH. We stopped by on the way home from going to the Dayton Art Institute to see their presentation on Super-Heroes. That was fun, and since she did something for me I figured to do something for her.


I am not a HUGE Flea Market fan.

Luckily, neither is she. We were there about half an hour (on the grounds of the Clarke County Fair Grounds) when she said, "this is not my type of event. I'm ready to go." She was looking for Fire-King or other period types of glassware, but the kitsch (if that's the right word) and the sheer *junk* on display was just depressing. Plus the larger-than-life people and the smell of fast food and the heat....well, we were only there about an hour. We walked through about 2/3rds of it, and passed on the rest.

However....I found a stall (booth? tent?) that was selling "pop culture" stuff and came across this book by Walt Kelly. There was no price on it, so I asked the old guy chatting with the guy in the next booth (?) and he said, "Oh, about five bucks."

Later while I was waiting for Yuko to decide she didn't want some garish dishes I looked at it a little more closely. It's from 1955 and NOT a reprint of actual daily comic strips but includes all-new material especially for this book. So that was nice! I thought I had gotten a pretty good deal.

However....(!) when I factor in the $14 we had to pay to get into the place, the book ended up costing $19. That is the high-end of what I was willing to spend, but on the other hand....I guess it IS worth it. I've already devoured the first 20 pages or so. :-)


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