Sunday, September 2, 2012

We Deserve Better

Last week at the Republican National Convention Governor Mitt Romney announced, "We deserve better."

I actually agree with him.

We deserve a better campaign.

We deserve better ideas.

We deserve better communication.

Of course, it takes two to tango. I am not blaming Gov Romney exclusively for the tone of this already ugly campaign. If he and his people, however, announced that they were going to take the high-road and never "go negative" again, wouldn't more people on the fence turn to him? I mean, this isn't just about which man is going to convince the majority of people to vote for him. It's also about getting the entire country behind him *after* the election. President George W. Bush was good at that after 2000, but then he squandered if at 2004 and after. (2004 should have been a cake-walk for him~!) 2008 President Obama and Senator McCain ran against President Bush and as newcomers. Now, the President has to run against his record and another new-comer. Do we stay with the devil we know, or go with the devil we don't know?

We deserve better, indeed. Here's hoping Governor Romney runs a great campaign.

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