Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Debut of The Brady Bunch

On September 26, 1969 a brand-new situation comedy made its debut on ABC-TV. This was THE BRADY BUNCH, created by Sherwood Schwartz. If you know TV, you will recognize this name as the creator and producer of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. Yes, he was responsible for both of these classic series.

According to his book on the series, which he wrote with his son and co-producer Lloyd, he had the idea for the Brady Bunch several years before it made it on television. At the time he initially pitched it no network wanted to air a show about two divorced (?) or widowed families. That is, until Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda made the motion picture hit, "Yours, Mine, and Ours." Then suddenly "blended families" were in and Schwartz got the green light for his new series.

I remember watching the last seasons of THE BRADY BUNCH on their first-runs on Friday nights. I was too young to go out and it was a show I enjoyed watching. I even remember watching some of THE BRADY KIDS cartoons on Saturday morning. But boy, did I hate Cousin Oliver! Then in 1974 it was cancelled. Almost immediately it was sold to syndication. Now I could watch it every day after school when it was re-run. So I have never not seen or liked THE BRADY BUNCH.

That being said, I did watch a few episodes of the variety show, but not most of them. And I watched Marcia and Jan marry their boyfriends, but I didn't watch the series itself. Also, I did not get into the "remakes" (if that is the word) of the recent movies. I couldn't decide if they were making fun of the originals or trying to celebrate them. Either way, I would rather just watch the originals. Likewise, I was in Japan for the last "new" Brady Bunch series. I have yet to see any of those. 
At the TV Land Awards 2007
As for the originals, I think my favorite season is Season Four. That's the one where Marcia gets hit by a football ("Oh! My nose!") as well as the one where Peter is cast as Benedict Arnold in the school play. My all-time favorite episode though is "The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses" from Season Three where Jan has to get glasses, but because of pride, refuses to wear them.

Happy Birthday, Brady Bunch! 
In celebration, here's your theme song by The Brady Kids
from 1972  

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